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Harry- Where's all the time gone? May 30th 2023

Harry should be here. He should be waking up in his own bedroom, getting dressed for work and living the life that he dreamed and that we had planned and dreamed all of our lives for him. He should be planning his 21st birthday with his mates. He should be enjoying weekends camping and nights after work at the gym and laughing with his siblings at old school photos. Instead, we are left here without him, mourning his loss, the great loss of our family and our lives.

All due to the unacceptable driving behavior of an irresponsible driver who took the life of our son.

Each day, not just today on the 2nd anniversary of our son’s death, think about your actions behind the wheel of your car. Your life, the lives of those with you and of those around you is so valuable.

Your family wants you home. Your friends need you. Don’t be the fool who ruins people’s lives by driving recklessly. Please take a minute of your time today to think about our Harry and the life that ‘could’ have been.

We all love and miss you Haz. May you rest eternally 🤍💔

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