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Fatality Free Friday May 26th 2023

We are one of the many families across Australia who live with the aftermath of the devastating road toll that continues to plague our country. In 2022, 1193 Australians lost their lives on our roads. Today we are in Sydney representing Harry and the Initiative with @ausroadsafety for Fatality Free Friday. This very important day highlights the devastation lots of families and victims will live with daily and for the rest of their lives. Fatality Free Friday should be a daily occurrence and not just a calendar day in the year. Harry’s Initiative is proud to support The Australian Road Safety Foundation and all the work Rus

sell, and his team do day in day out. We will also continue to work alongside the Police through our local community in supporting those affected by road and beach trauma. Remember to get home safe to your loved ones by being a responsible driver and if you’re a passenger and don’t feel safe in a vehicle, speak up, have the courage and strength to use your words and tell the driver to drive safe. We all want to get home to our loved ones 👼🏻🥰

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