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Hampo's Youth Foundation

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

We were very humbled and honoured to catch up with both Lorna and Tiarna, Mum and Sister to Liam Hampson. Both Lorna, Tiarna and their families are doing great things with ‘Hampo’s Youth Foundation’. They will be providing support to students with school fees, health and well being and also funding for a Rugby League Excellence Program. All of this in the name of their beautiful son who was a pillar in his Rugby League and School community. Here at the Harrison Payne Initiative, we will be partnering with Hampo’s Youth Foundation in the future to help raise much needed funding for programs around mental health, and helping young people reach their full potential. Something we are sure that both Liam and Harry would be very proud of, as both of Liam’s and Harry’s values in life were very similar. Both boys loved helping people, both were very passionate about their chosen sports and loved their communities. We can’t wait to come together to make a difference and help others in need 👼🏻🤍👼🏻You can check out and follow the fantastic work Tiarna Lorna and the team are doing here:

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