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100km's for Harry-Dave & Tommy's Mission

Great things CAN and DO happen when amazing people come together! We were so honored when Dave came to us with his idea to run “100km’s for Harry”. We thought ‘wow’, how can someone run 100km’s and do it all for charity, putting in so much effort, training and mental preparation to do so whilst continuing to live their own lives. Dave was able to convince Tommy to come onboard to be his right-hand man. The guys amazed us with their strength, dedication, determination, athletic ability and stamina. We can’t thank both Dave and Tommy enough for the tremendous effort they put in. They were all smiles starting bright and early around 4:29am and finishing at 5:30pm- exactly 13 hours and 1 minute for 100km’s! An outstanding effort from both Dave and Tommy for the longest run they have both ever achieved! Totally drenched, with chafing of all kinds, with very sore feet and with blisters that go along with such a long run!

Many thanks to Michaela, Dave’s partner, the best support person any runner could have! She rode the last 40km’s supporting the boys with water, ice, Band-Aid’s, gels and food, the guys couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks also to the support runners along the way, your efforts in keeping the guys motivated was very much appreciated and also an amazing achievement in itself! We’d also like to thank everyone who donated to our run, your donations of a combined contribution raised $2820. These funds will be used to help families and victims of road and beach trauma. Without your help none of this would be possible. To Dave and Tommy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Harry would be so proud to know that you both ran 100km’s just for him 🤍👼🏻⭐️

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